About Bret

Why Did I Choose Acupuncture and Holistic Health?

I am frequently asked what piqued my interest in acupuncture and holistic health. People seem genuinely interested in my reply. I guess it’s not too often that one meets an Acupuncturist!

For me it all began in the mid ‘90s. I was working with the critically ill as a respiratory therapist at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn Long Island. It didn’t take long for it to become clear, while we were performing some miracles, modern medicine left a lot to be desired. We had what we called “frequent flyers”, patients that would get well enough to leave the hospital, but who were not truly “well”. We knew they’d be back and in almost all cases, they would indeed return. All the focus was on management of symptoms caused by disease that was sometimes decades in the making. To make matters worse, the treatment we provided carried with it significant risks, (IE toxicity and side effects). Not a moment’s thought was given to the source or underlying causes at play. This approach reminded me of the futility of trying to keep a plant looking healthy by continually pruning dead and dying leaves instead of providing water, sunlight and fertilizer. This lack of simple common sense began to bother me.

The seemingly endless parade of people suffering from overwhelming, life-altering pain, illness and disease was sobering. “Is this the best approach?” “Is there more out there?” “Are we doomed to lose our vitality and our quality of life as we age?” These questions replayed louder and louder in my mind.

I Learned There Was Another Way

Coincidentally, I had a very close friend who began struggling with panic attacks and anxiety disorder around that time. She bravely insisted that she would avoid the standard treatment and stay off anti-anxiety medications. She theorized “This is happening for a reason, I’m not going to drug myself just for it to fester, and get me again in the future.” She began an exploration into the “alternative” medical world. She experimented with chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal medicine, yoga, aromatherapy and other alternative therapies. Watching her progress was enough evidence for me I now had answers to my questions. “Yes, there is more out there!” Once I saw what was possible, I had to get involved. It became a passion and mission of mine to share this information and to “spread the word” with everyone who is interested, and even some who aren’t.

Fast forward 15 plus years, I am now fully convinced that the natural means of healing are profound and powerful methods of caring for the sick, and in many cases allow for a full return to radiant health.

My Three-Pronged Approach to Healing

I have gradually refined my treatment to what I consider to be the best and most profound and effective of the natural methods. It includes a three-pronged approach;

  • Acupuncture for structural and energetic imbalances.
  • Unique, personalized, whole-food therapeutic-grade supplement protocols aimed at your specific complaints and underlying deficiencies.
  • Nutritional and lifestyle re-education and guidance to adopt and assimilate a truly nourishing and health giving diet.

I work with those who seek improvement in all types of pain, mobility, endurance, stress level, & digestive health issues as well as, emotional well-being, overall health, vitality, women’s issues and much more. Treatment is focused on resolving symptoms, while also correcting the root cause, thus preventing reoccurrence.

As a result of my comprehensive approach, patients experience real results. They find their treatments relaxing and enjoyable. They feel better, and just like my friend all those years ago, they are now able to put many of their health problems behind them. This is my goal and the reason I am here. My wish is to help everyone feel better, live healthier, and be happier. I welcome the opportunity to guide you on your journey away from illness and towards a fulfilling healthy life.


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