Everything has improved!

“For years I suffered from ailments that made me feel twice my age – muscle pains, aching joints, fatigue, dry skin, heartburn and even kidney stones.  As a 20-something year old I was told by multiple doctors that “nothing was wrong”, but I knew that I needed help to improve my quality of life.

Bret affirmed that my many ailments were indeed real and formulated a care plan that targeted my poor nutrition and provided supplements that would heal and optimize my digestion.  Along with a new diet and specific acupuncture points, I was able to reverse the damage done to my body during my childhood.

Everything has improved!  I feel youthful, energetic and strong.  I'm constantly active now, able to meet the physical demands of my hospital work with plenty of stamina to last throughout the day.  My meals are purposeful and filling.  I no longer live with chronic, unexplained aches and pains.

I am so grateful for Bret's commitment to patient education.  He always devotes time to explaining what causes your symptoms, how to improve them, and most importantly, why the treatments work.  This empowers his patients to take ownership of their health and make informed choices that will maintain overall well-being for the rest of their lives.”


Bret's knowledge of nutrition and holistic healthcare can lead to improved well-being

“I began seeing Bret for tingling pain in my neck and face, difficulty walking due to arthritic knees, clicking in my left ear due to TMJ, reflux, elevated cholesterol and osteopenia.  I have had a complete resolution or marked improvement in all except the latter two, which we’re still working on.

I have improved my diet, focusing on raw foods, organic products, pastured-fed, humanely treated animal products and decreased intake of carbohydrates and processed foods.  I feel better and find it easier to cope.  I’m happier and have an improved overall well-being.

I would recommend to anyone with or without health issues to give acupuncture a try to see what wonderful results may be attained.  It takes some work, but Bret's knowledge of nutrition and holistic healthcare can lead to improved well-being if one is open to needed changes.”


Acupuncture has changed my life for the positive

“In August, 2013 I came to Bret under the recommendation of a good friend.  My diagnosis was Plantar Fasciitis and I had just endured a year of treatment, multiple doctor visits and pain level of 7 out of 10.  I was a candidate for “open release” foot surgery and learned about acupuncture treatment for Plantar Fasciitis through the internet.  After reading about the possibilities of continued pain from scar tissue associated with the surgery and long recovery time, I decided to try acupuncture, and I'm SO glad I did!

Bret is extremely knowledgeable about acupuncture and nutrition, and I felt positive results after the very first treatment.  After 1 year of intense heel pain after standing for more than 10 or 15 minutes, Bret was able to take my heel pain level from 7-8 to 0-1 after one month of treatments.  In addition, I have also been taking recommended supplements that have improved my overall health and eased the intense heel pain.

I cannot emphasize how much acupuncture has changed my life for the positive.  To live with pain 24/7 is incredibly debilitating and now I feel I can live my life again and start exercising at the gym.  I was able to spend a week in London 2 weeks ago and walked about 5-6 miles around the city every day.

Amazing.  Thanks Bret!! You're the best!  Oh yea, and I went back to the gym today and it felt GREAT!”


Acupuncuture has kept me competitive

“My wife recommended treatments with Bret as an addition to my training for marathon and Ironman events.

I now recover a lot quicker after doing events and from training.  My muscles are more relaxed while training and competing and I do not have pain like others who do the training I do (10-15 hours a week swimming, biking, running and weightlifting).

Acupuncture and nutrition guidance by Bret will keep me competing to 88 years of age when I will retire from the events.”


Treatment eliminated the need for pain medication

“I was suffering with sciatica pain that was unrelenting for over 6 years with foot numbnessAfter starting with Bret, I quickly started experiencing long periods of being totally pain-free.  As a bonus, I noticed a general feeling of improved well-being.  I also received education on alternative nutrition to improve my quality of life.  I have eliminated the need for pain medication.

Being pain free improves all aspects of life.  I’m now able to work, not having to avoid certain activities for fear of pain.

Bret's knowledge of alternatives to traditional medicine and nutrition has made a profound difference in my quality of life.  I am more apt to try acupuncture for any illness/injury before turning to traditional medicine.”


Acupuncture keeps my body and mind running smoothly

“Migraines initially got me to try acupuncture, but then Bret’s treatments helped with other issues like IBS and stress.  The fact that it could help in so many areas kept me going.

I have had great results.  Migraines have decreased.  My treatments help keep my stomach regular and eases my stress.  I can't imagine ever giving up acupuncture or my life without it.  I'd be miserable.  Acupuncture keeps my body and mind running smoothly.  I am calmer and healthier overall.

I've tried other acupuncturists (only due to location and availability) and I don't get the same results I get with Bret.  He is the best and I don't trust anyone else.  He really gives me perfect and amazing results.”


I have regained my health

“I had a severe case of vertigo that kept me in bed for a month. The recovery was taking way too long. I was at a point where I would have sold my soul to the devil to get better and only out of sheer desperation did I considered acupuncture.

When I went to Bret’s office, I asked if I had to believe in acupuncture in order for it to work because, if so, then I would get back in the car and leave. He said, “relax… it will work.” The next day I started feeling better and the rate of recovery increased. But this is just a lead-in to the real story.

After telling Bret my entire health history, he said he would treat the vertigo but since I had congestive heart failure a year and a half ago, he could help my heart as well. He offered a proposition: “the next time you see your cardiologist, how would you like them to tell you that your heart has recovered and you don’t need to be on all the heart medicine anymore?” I told him that was my goal in life, to recover and live normally again. But what do I have to do? How many years will this take? He said “three to six months, you have to change your diet and do exercise and take nutritional supplements”. Four months later I had a cardiac MRI, the doctor told me that my heart has recovered and took me off most of the meds!  Today I feel great, I have regained my health and I owe it all to the guy who sticks needles in you to make you feel better. Thanks Bret.”


Bret has taught me a lot about nutrition

“I sought treatment for the effects of stress-headache, tension in my back and neck, and severe TMJ.  Also, I had feelings of exhaustion, lack of energy, weight gain.

I’ve achieved dramatic improvement in all areas.  The muscles in my back and neck are no longer tight.  The headaches are almost completely gone and the TMJ is also greatly improved.

Besides the alleviation of symptoms, Bret has taught me a lot about nutrition.  As I implement dietary changes I'm seeing improvement in my energy and weight.

I believe that acupuncture and nutrition are helping me to feel much better and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing pain or discomfort.  I will definitely continue my treatment.”


Acupuncture has changed my life

"From as early back as I could remember, after most meals, I experienced sharp pain in my lower abdominal area followed by an emergent trip to the bathroom.  For years I lived with this condition. Avoiding foods containing oil and fat was the only way I was safe from pain, discomfort, and embarrassment.   A friend recommended that I try Acupuncture.

At first I was skeptical but even after my first treatment I became a believer.  I tested the Acupuncture with a large scoop of ice cream, a “fatty” treat that would have had me doubled over in pain.  It was a true test.  I couldn’t believe it! I had no pain, not even one spasm, and no trip to the bathroom.

Acupuncture has changed my life.  I can now eat out and not have to worry if the chef cooked with oil and even though I can now eat junk foods, Bret has taught me to make better food choices and improve my overall health!”


Acupuncture eliminated my sciatic pain

“I was introduced to acupuncture after coming to the end of my ropes with very severe sciatic pain. I had gone to an orthopedist and he sent me on to physical therapy, which only increased my pain. My son suggested acupuncture.

After having success with eliminating the sciatic pain, Bret continues to treat me with positive results in controlling my acid reflux and sinusitis.

Thank you Bret, for being a very caring, gentle soul, who put me at ease and has guided me on the path to feeling well again.”


Acupuncture relieved the pain in my ears

"I was experiencing terrible pain, pressure, and congestion in my ears. The pressure was causing headaches and dizziness.  It was very hard for me to concentrate at work.

I was a little skeptical about getting treated, but after the first treatment I felt a little bit better.  My wife even commented that I was in a better mood.

The morning after, the pain, congestion, and pressure in my ears were gone.  I couldn’t believe it!  I speak to business owners everyday answering their pension questions and it is very important that I am able to listen and understand their questions.

I can’t thank you enough for getting rid of the pain in my ears and helping me to get back to work.  I will recommend you to all of my clients, friends, and family.”


My pain was relieved

"After sustaining an injury to my wrist, an orthopedic surgeon recommended anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medication.  After an MRI, he then insisted on surgery.  Being chicken, I looked for an alternative.

I have known Bret for many years. Trusting his professionalism, I went to see him for acupuncture.  To my delight, after three sessions, my pain was relieved.

I am very active in athletics and surgery would have been a major inconvenience.  With Bret’s help I never missed a beatI would recommend his services to anyone seeking better health.


Bret helped my extreme back pain

“For over two months after I was involved in a car accident, I went from doctor to doctor.  I was taking so many different drugs and found no relief from my extreme back pain until I found Bret.

Within a few treatments, I was able to perform routine tasks such as getting dressed, walking and even sitting at my desk and using the computer with ease.  I had none of the discomfort I had been experiencing.

In addition, I also found Bret extremely helpful in treating me for trauma and stomach distress due to irritable bowel syndrome.”


Acupuncture lowered my blood pressure

“I was recently introduced to acupuncture through my chiropractor for my high blood pressureIt had been very stubborn and was being controlled with medication prescribed by my internal Physician.

After approximately three visits to my acupuncturist, my pressure went down so low that my doctor took me off one of the pills and reduced the strength of the others.  The results were amazing!  I hope to become drug-free at some point, since they all tend to have adverse and unknown side effects.

Other benefits have been an overall feeling of well being, with more energy, restful sleep, and no night sweats.  Also, my immune system is now operating at optimal efficiency allowing me to get through the winter flu season unscathed.

Along with exercise, alternative medicine is the right formula for me.”


I can digest my food better

"I started seeing Bret approximately one year ago for digestive problems, symptoms of menopause, high blood pressure, and a calcium deposit in my shoulder.  After my second acupuncture treatment, the excruciating pain in my shoulder was greatly reduced.  It is now hardly noticeable.

Bret has since treated me with acupuncture, herbs, and vitamins.

I can digest my food better, my blood pressure is in check, and I no longer have hot flashes.  Perhaps the biggest change is that the bouts of depression have virtually disappeared and I now walk around with a feeling of peace and well being"


Acupuncture helps me manage pain and soreness

"Bret has used acupuncture to help me manage pain and soreness resulting from rehabilitation after shoulder surgery.  I believe this has played a large part in allowing me to maintain an aggressive physical therapy regimen and in allowing me to return to my daily activities in a short amount of time.


My chronic lower back pain disappeared

"I started Acupuncture with the hope of alleviating the pain that I had after breast surgery.  The physician had told me that I wouldn’t have any sensation in the surgical area due to his severing the nerves.

To my surprise, I was helped in both areas.  I was relieved of pain and most of the sensation returned after just a few treatments with acupuncture.

After that success, I decided to try the Facial Rejuvenation treatments.  Again, after several treatments, people were telling me how wonderful I looked!  They even asked who my plastic surgeon was.

As the treatments progressed, I noticed that the chronic lower back pain I had suffered with had disappeared.  For many years, I had taken medication every morning to reduce the back pain.  As a result of the acupuncture, I no longer need the medication.  The facial treatments made me look and feel better about myself and relieved all my back pain! Thank you Bret.”


My shoulder felt amazingly better

"I had been experiencing tightness and pain in my shoulder, and it was suggested to me that I try acupuncture. I did not have any previous experience with acupuncture and wasn't sure what to expect, but after my very first visit with Bret Shulman, my shoulder felt amazingly better. I play hockey, and from time to time I suffer the physical effects of the game. Every time I go to see Bret, the results amaze me! I'm definitely a believer in acupuncture and will continue my treatment with Bret.”


Bret helped my anxiety and panic disorder

"A few years back I was diagnosed with Anxiety/Panic Disorder. Although using standard medication worked quite well, I didn’t like being dependent on drugs or the side effects that occurred.

With Bret’s help, using Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy, I was drug free after only a few short weeks and am still completely drug free today. With the help and guidance of Bret, I look forward to many years of me being anxiety free, and drug free. I highly recommend his treatments and Alternative Medicine in general. Thanks Bret."


I get an enormous amount of relief from the treatment

"I started Acupuncture after suffering seven months with a Sciatic Nerve problem.  I had received conventional treatments including Chiropractic to no avail. I was skeptical about the efficacy of acupuncture for Sciatica, but after six treatments the problem was solved.  I can’t say I understand how it works; I only know that it did work.

The continuing treatments for upper back tension have been effective for reducing the tension without the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and I find I get an enormous amount of relief from the treatment.  I have taken to following the acupuncture with deep tissue massage and the results are even greater with tandem treatments.

I seem to have gone from skeptic to wholeheartedly recommending you to all of my friends and business acquaintances. Thank you for your expertise."


By three months I was completely better

A few months ago I woke up with a numb lip for no apparent reason. A few days later, I had tingling in my hands and feet.  I visited several doctors including a very prominent neurologist and had multiple tests run including two MRI's to rule out a brain tumor, MS, or neuropathy. Everything was coming back negative and no one knew what was wrong but new symptoms kept appearing.  Through all this testing/uncertainty, I also developed severe anxiety that overwhelmed me.  As a stay at home mom with three young & very active children to take care of (ages 4, 2 and 4 months), feeling like this was not acceptable.  I really didn’t think acupuncture could help me. I was convinced I had some kind of awful disease they hadn't discovered yet, however, I contacted Bret for his opinion & I am so glad that I did.


After a brief consultation, he diagnosed me with a vitamin deficiency brought on by having 3 babies back-to-back, nursing and lack of proper nutrition. He spent a great deal of time explaining his theory to me and developing a diet plan for me.  I watched videos, read books he recommended and changed my way of eating.  My entire family has benefitted from a much more nutrient dense diet -especially the children.  After two months of treatments and a new meal/supplement regime, I felt mostly better.  By three months I was completely better and I can't thank Bret enough.


Overall, Bret Shulman is a truly skilled practitioner with a deep understanding of the way the body works & of the nutrition that it needs for optimal functioning. His compassion towards people & genuine desire to help them is what sets him apart from any other health care professional that I have ever encountered. He truly cares about his patients and will not rest until they see results.  He has an amazing bedside manner that makes you feel relaxed and safe as soon as you walk in the door.  Everyone should go for Acupuncture, whether you have a serious health issue or not, he can help enhance your life.  I would go everyday if I could!!

In the interest of privacy, abbreviations are in use and contact information has been left off this sheet.  It is possible, upon request, to speak to many of these satisfied individuals, in accordance with their personal wishes and privacy concerns.