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Acupuncture has changed my life

From as early back as I could remember, after most meals, I experienced sharp pain in my lower abdominal area followed by an emergent trip to the bathroom.  For years I lived with this condition. Avoiding foods containing oil and fat was the only way I was safe from pain, discomfort, and embarrassment.   A friend recommended that I try Acupuncture.

At first I was skeptical but even after my first treatment I became a believer.  I tested the Acupuncture with a large scoop of ice cream, a “fatty” treat that would have had me doubled over in pain.  It was a true test.  I couldn’t believe it! I had no pain, not even one spasm, and no trip to the bathroom.

Acupuncture has changed my life.  I can now eat out and not have to worry if the chef cooked with oil and even though I can now eat junk foods, Bret has taught me to make better food choices and improve my overall health!


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