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Everything has improved!

For years I suffered from ailments that made me feel twice my age – muscle pains, aching joints, fatigue, dry skin, heartburn and even kidney stones.  As a 20-something year old I was told by multiple doctors that “nothing was wrong”, but I knew that I needed help to improve my quality of life.

Bret affirmed that my many ailments were

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Bret’s knowledge of nutrition and holistic healthcare can lead to improved well-being

I began seeing Bret for tingling pain in my neck and face, difficulty walking due to arthritic knees, clicking in my left ear due to TMJ, reflux, elevated cholesterol and osteopenia.  I have had a complete resolution or marked improvement in all except the latter two, which we’re still working on.

I have improved my diet, focusing on raw foods, organic

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Acupuncture has changed my life for the positive

In August, 2013 I came to Bret under the recommendation of a good friend.  My diagnosis was Plantar Fasciitis and I had just endured a year of treatment, multiple doctor visits and pain level of 7 out of 10.  I was a candidate for “open release” foot surgery and learned about acupuncture treatment for Plantar Fasciitis through the internet.  After reading

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Acupuncuture has kept me competitive

My wife recommended treatments with Bret as an addition to my training for marathon and Ironman events.

I now recover a lot quicker after doing events and from training.  My muscles are more relaxed while training and competing and I do not have pain like others who do the training I do (10-15 hours a week swimming, biking, running and weightlifting).

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