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Everything has improved!

For years I suffered from ailments that made me feel twice my age – muscle pains, aching joints, fatigue, dry skin, heartburn and even kidney stones.  As a 20-something year old I was told by multiple doctors that “nothing was wrong”, but I knew that I needed help to improve my quality of life.

Bret affirmed that my many ailments were indeed real and formulated a care plan that targeted my poor nutrition and provided supplements that would heal and optimize my digestion.  Along with a new diet and specific acupuncture points, I was able to reverse the damage done to my body during my childhood.

Everything has improved!  I feel youthful, energetic and strong.  I’m constantly active now, able to meet the physical demands of my hospital work with plenty of stamina to last throughout the day.  My meals are purposeful and filling.  I no longer live with chronic, unexplained aches and pains.

I am so grateful for Bret’s commitment to patient education.  He always devotes time to explaining what causes your symptoms, how to improve them, and most importantly, why the treatments work.  This empowers his patients to take ownership of their health and make informed choices that will maintain overall well-being for the rest of their lives.


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