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By three months I was completely better

A few months ago I woke up with a numb lip for no apparent reason. A few days later, I had tingling in my hands and feet. I visited several doctors including a very prominent neurologist and had multiple tests run including two MRI’s to rule out a brain tumor, MS, or neuropathy. Everything was coming back negative and no one knew what was wrong but new symptoms kept appearing. Through all this testing/uncertainty, I also developed severe anxiety that overwhelmed me. As a stay at home mom with three young & very active children to take care of (ages 4, 2 and 4 months), feeling like this was not acceptable. I really didn’t think acupuncture could help me. I was convinced I had some kind of awful disease they hadn’t discovered yet, however, I contacted Bret for his opinion & I am so glad that I did.

After a brief consultation, he diagnosed me with a vitamin deficiency brought on by having 3 babies back-to-back, nursing and lack of proper nutrition. He spent a great deal of time explaining his theory to me and developing a diet plan for me. I watched videos, read books he recommended and changed my way of eating. My entire family has benefitted from a much more nutrient dense diet -especially the children. After two months of treatments and a new meal/supplement regime, I felt mostly better. By three months I was completely better and I can’t thank Bret enough.

Overall, Bret Shulman is a truly skilled practitioner with a deep understanding of the way the body works & of the nutrition that it needs for optimal functioning. His compassion towards people & genuine desire to help them is what sets him apart from any other health care professional that I have ever encountered. He truly cares about his patients and will not rest until they see results. He has an amazing bedside manner that makes you feel relaxed and safe as soon as you walk in the door. Everyone should go for Acupuncture, whether you have a serious health issue or not, he can help enhance your life. I would go everyday if I could!!



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