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I have regained my health

I had a severe case of vertigo that kept me in bed for a month. The recovery was taking way too long. I was at a point where I would have sold my soul to the devil to get better and only out of sheer desperation did I considered acupuncture.

When I went to Bret’s office, I asked if I had to believe in acupuncture in order for it to work because, if so, then I would get back in the car and leave. He said, “relax… it will work.” The next day I started feeling better and the rate of recovery increased. But this is just a lead-in to the real story.

After telling Bret my entire health history, he said he would treat the vertigo but since I had congestive heart failure a year and a half ago, he could help my heart as well. He offered a proposition: “the next time you see your cardiologist, how would you like them to tell you that your heart has recovered and you don’t need to be on all the heart medicine anymore?” I told him that was my goal in life, to recover and live normally again. But what do I have to do? How many years will this take? He said “three to six months, you have to change your diet and do exercise and take nutritional supplements”. Four months later I had a cardiac MRI, the doctor told me that my heart has recovered and took me off most of the meds!  Today I feel great, I have regained my health and I owe it all to the guy who sticks needles in you to make you feel better. Thanks Bret.


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