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My chronic lower back pain disappeared

I started Acupuncture with the hope of alleviating the pain that I had after breast surgery.  The physician had told me that I wouldn’t have any sensation in the surgical area due to his severing the nerves.

To my surprise, I was helped in both areas.  I was relieved of pain and most of the sensation returned after just a few treatments with acupuncture.

After that success, I decided to try the Facial Rejuvenation treatments.  Again, after several treatments, people were telling me how wonderful I looked!  They even asked who my plastic surgeon was.

As the treatments progressed, I noticed that the chronic lower back pain I had suffered with had disappeared.  For many years, I had taken medication every morning to reduce the back pain.  As a result of the acupuncture, I no longer need the medication.  The facial treatments made me look and feel better about myself and relieved all my back pain! Thank you Bret.


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